Saturday, September 29, 2007

Burma - The Interview

In response to an extensive demand from our Indian readership, No Good Boyo is happy to provide a translation of the interview he gave to Radio Cymru on the Burma protests the other day.

Presenter Calla Dawe: Well, No Good Boyo, as Radio Cymru's foreign correspondent, what do you think is going to happen next in Burma then?

No Good Boyo: Well Calla, Burma has been run for decades by authoritarian socialists in khaki fatigues. It's warm, poverty-stricken, and under a US embargo. So I imagine it's about to be flooded by English liberal tourists wanting to see the country "before the Americans ruin it all". Actually.


Anonymous said...

Where does Fidel fit in?

No Good Boyo said...

Be dy'r gwahaniaeth rhwng Bois Brwnt Y Burma a Hen Herwr Hafana? - na'r cwestiwn goganus.