Saturday, October 14, 2006

Walesfact No.2: Axis of Headgear

Forget about twin towns and indeed twins themselves - unless they're Japanese co-eds - coz Wales is the only country to be twinned with another, namely Lesotho. If you don't count those two Koreas and Congoes, who display a typical foreign lack of imagination.

Lesotho's top artisans craft coracles out of clinker for our eisteddfodau, and we share an interest in pointy hats. The Basotho (hey!) have added the hat to their national flag, and we Welsh will soon follow suit. That dragon gets us confused with the Chinese.

There's an entire story behind how the hat got on the flag, but I've forgotten it. Any tips would be welcome.

The previous flag had the image of a spatchcocked missionary with a nicely filed head on it.

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