Sunday, September 17, 2006

No Good Boyo Better Than Guardian - Official!

My neighbour's a student and she says she reads The Guardian instead of No Good Boyo because The Guardian has Comment, Pictures and Facts but No Good Boyo only has Comment and ill-informed ones too though.

Well I'm not having that. So from now on there's going to be a Ffact Ffrom Wales pretty much every time I can be bothered, which is about the same as when The Guardian comes out anyhow. So here's use ffirst Ffact:

Although the War's long over, Wales is still officially a New Romantic country. In fact, when Steven Spielberg was filming the Cracow scenes from Schindler's List in Pant Yr Odyn, Dolgellau, he wanted to play Visage's "Night Train" over the end credits. The deal was sweet, except Steve Strange inisted on having an acting part in the film. As a woman. Came to nothing, but you can hear the Visage cut on the DVD Special Edition.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bill's Butt Bar

"I hear you hang at Bill's Bar"

"What Bill's Bar?" he belched onions from under his lamp post into the Swansea drizzle and beyond.

"Bill's Butt Bar. Bill's big on butt."

He nodded, and slowly ground out my cigarette under his heel.

I was still smoking it. (a continuer)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kin maarvellous innit?

Tory rang me the other night at home asking for my vote. Bastod I said. Get up on use own two feet an gets use own fuxin votes. That's what Thatcher would do innit. Bloody soft now more like.